Thursday, April 22, 2010


Effective May 1st, things are going to change for HIPP NIGHTS.

Usually, I pepper my posts on this blog with opinion. When I’m on the air I try to always let my emotions dictate my actions. Yeah, I’m sure that there are people who will tell you that you need to check your emotions at the door, but guess what: I’m a human being, asshole. I bleed.

The reason for the preceding paragraph is simple: I’m only going to state FACT. No commentary. I have a feeling that you will be able to come up with your own opinion.

I know I have.

Again, effective May 1st, things are going to change for HIPP NIGHTS.



A good friend, and a man that I'm stoked to hear on the station, Dennis George, has convinced KTRS that his show is needed for the masses...and thank God, too. Seriously, he's the real deal. Very cool, moving forward, after May 1st, he will be doing a show every Sunday from 8-10pm.

As cool as it is to have DENNIS GEORGE get a shot on let's get back to 100% FACT...This knocks Bill Clevlen out of a slot. So, in order to keep his trivia show on the air, KTRS management decided to place him on Saturday nights.

So, starting May 1st, Bill Clevlen will be on from 9-11pm.

So far you get all this, right?

On guy comes in, gets a show, and instead of that show replacing Bill's completely, management is making the decision to move Bill's 2-hours into the time slot that was given to me for Hipp Nights.

So they took HIPP NIGHTS and cut it by 2 hours. Leaving me to do 6-9pm.

Again, let me state that I am only giving you FACTS and NOT opinion.

(Except for the part about Dennis George being a cool guy...that is, in truth, MY opinion...listen to him and make up your own mind)

So far, everything posted about this situation is 100% legit, factual & non-biased.

Let’s continue…

Now that the St. Louis Cardinals are back in full swing there are games being played a lot. All of these games disrupt the regular programming on KTRS.

On Saturday nights it is no different.

The Cardinals have afternoon games on many of the Saturdays for the remainder of the season. They also have games in the evening.

When a game is played in the evening, obviously, it will mean that Bill and I will not have shows.

When a game is played in the afternoon KTRS will not have regular programming begin until 8PM.

Although I have been given the slot of 6-9pm, when it’s time for regular programming to resume at 8pm, I will not be allowed to do my show. Instead, Bill Clevlen will be given an extra hour and do his show from 8-11pm.

Joe Hipperson, host of Hipp Nights, will be doing his show on Saturday nights from 6-9pm. Bill Clevlen will follow and do a show from 9-11pm.

Again, I’ll remind you that, in 100% fact, Bill Clevlen will be on at 8pm when the Cardinals have an afternoon game that allows regular programming to resume between 6-9pm.

Having just read over this entire post twice I would like to remind anyone reading it that I have not, in any way, stated my opinion about this set up. (Except, AGAIN, the fact that Dennis George is a kool kat. That's kool with a 'k.' That kind of koolness 'plays')

I only, sincerely want my audience of listeners to be made aware that YES, I have been given the shortened time slot of 6-9pm, but that there will be times when, following a Cardinal broadcast, if they tune it at 8pm, they will hear Bill Clevlen and not me.

All fact and no fiction...outside of a little D-George opinion.

And WHY? Why do I have a positive opinion about DENNIS GEORGE?

Simple, kids. Dennis George represents--ON THE AIR--everything that I strive to force feed down the throats of the privileged: RADIO should be HONEST & FUN. Listen to this guy and see if I'm wrong.

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  1. Bill Clevlen is a good show! I can't wait to listen to him on Saturday nights!